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One question that I am asked time and time again is ‘when is the best time to book my newborn session’? Clients are often unsure of when they should get in touch. Should it be whilst you are still expecting or after baby has arrived. Sooooo…. let me give you the low down on how the whole process works 🙂

If you’ve thought about having pictures taken of your newborn baby you have likely already done some research. You might have gone through a handful of websites and facebook pages or perhaps even narrowed it down to your favourite photographer. You may have pinned some of your favourite poses on Pinterest to get a sense of what style and colour schemes you like. But with everything else going on you may not have already contacted a newborn photographer because you think you have to wait until baby arrives to do so.

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A newborn session is best when baby is less than two weeks old. Thats not to say that older babies cannot have a newborn session. I photograph babies up to 4 weeks old and as every baby is different there is never a guarantee that he or she will sleep soundly during their session regardless of age! I’ve had week old babies who are as bright as a button and refuse to sleep for the full 3 hours and I’ve had 4 week olds who sleep the entire time! But it is always best to do the session sooner rather than later and makes achieving those brand new, curled up, newborn poses easier.

So when should i book?

I always advise clients that soon after your 20 week scan is a great time to say hi 🙂 I only schedule a set number of newborn sessions per month to allow flexibility when it comes to finalising your date in my diary. By booking early you guarantee that a session will be available for you regardless of whether your little ones makes an early appearance or keeps you on your toes for another couple of weeks! You will be able to schedule your session with a deposit so that all thats left to do after baby arrives is message me to let me know your precious bundle is here and we can arrange a definite date.

What if my baby is already here but I haven’t booked?

If your baby is already born and you decide last minute you’d love to have some beautiful portraits taken then please still get in touch and i will try my best to fit you in!


There is nothing more magical than holding your baby in your arms for the first time and gazing into that perfect little face.  feeling that instant and overwhelming love that just grows deeper with every passing second. Before you know it your tiny little bundle will have outgrown his first onsies, or let out her first heart melting giggle as you tickle her chubby little toes, and then not long after will come a first tooth, first step, first run… Capturing images of your baby whilst they are still so tiny and brand new allows you to remember and cherish those moments forever. Creating timeless memories for you and for them ❤

If you’d like to enquire about a newborn photo session with CA Neil Photography then please get in touch  id be so happy to hear from you 🙂

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