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5 Outfit Tips : What To Wear For a Family photo Shoot

Family photoshoots are an invaluable way to capture cherished memories with our loved ones. These timeless mementos track our life’s progression, capturing moments from youthful exuberance to mature family bonds. However, an important, yet often underestimated element that can significantly influence these family portraits’ success is the selection of outfits for the photoshoot.

Considering what to wear for a family photo shoot is far from trivial; in fact, it can greatly impact the overall aesthetic and sentimental value of the pictures. The appropriate clothing can accentuate the setting, highlight individual personalities, and add depth to the family’s relationships, adding layers of richness to the photograph beyond just the visuals.

So here are 5 outfit tips to help you on deciding what to wear for a family photo shoot. These suggestions aim to help you curate a clothing ensemble that harmoniously blends with the surroundings, accentuates each family member’s uniqueness, and enhances the familial bond, resulting in beautiful photos that will be treasured for years to come!

1. Choose a Cohesive Colour Scheme For Your Family Photo Shoot

Creating a cohesive colour scheme is important when planning your family photoshoot. Choosing the perfect outfits sets the tone and atmosphere of your family portraits, making them look harmonious and visually appealing. There are various resources you can look to for inspiration, with a Pinterest board being a popular choice among many. The vast collection of images and themes can spark your imagination, guiding you towards a colour scheme that reflects your family’s style.

Colour Wheel For Reference

Alternatively, you could take a more structured approach and refer to a colour wheel. The colour wheel, a tool used widely in the world of art and design, can help you understand which colours complement each other. Start off by choosing a main colour and exploring different shades within the same family, you can achieve a cohesive look that truly enhances the overall aesthetic of your family photoshoot.

Neutral colours are often a great starting point. Navy blue, cream, and beige, for instance, are versatile hues that can create a calm, timeless backdrop for your family portraits. These colours are universally flattering, making them great options for any body type and any time of year. They are gentle on the eye, blending seamlessly with the rest of the family’s outfits without overwhelming the entire look.

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Coordinate - Don't Match

While a solid colour base can bring unity to your family outfits, incorporating different patterns and shades can also introduce a refreshing element of visual interest. For instance, imagine your family photoshoot with everyone in different patterns of navy blue and cream, with a hint of beige. The result is a cohesive look that’s vibrant and engaging.

However, remember that colour coordination isn’t about everyone donning the exact same colour. Instead, think of creating a visual symphony where different elements play together in harmony. This could mean having your family wear outfits that feature earth tones for an outdoor autumn shoot or choosing pastels for a springtime feel.

Always consider the rest of the¬†family’s outfits when choosing colours. If one family member wears a bold pattern, you might want to keep other outfits simpler to avoid visual clutter. It’s all about achieving a balance where every outfit contributes to the overall aesthetic without stealing the spotlight.

Finally, remember that your family photoshoot should reflect your family. The chosen colour scheme and outfits should resonate with your personal choice and style. Let your family’s character shine through while making sure that the final picture creates a lasting memory. With a cohesive colour scheme, your family portraits can make a huge difference – creating a visual story that captures the essence of your family bond.

2. Consider The Time of Year and Location For Outdoor Family Photo Shoots

Choosing family photo outfits can seem like a daunting task, but it can be made simpler and more fun when you consider elements like the time of year and the location of your photoshoot.

The time of year is a fantastic starting point for deciding your family’s outfits for an outdoor shoot.

For an autumn photoshoot, imagine your family set against the backdrop of crisp leaves and autumn hues. In this scenario, earthy tones and warm colours are a great choice. Rich plums, deep oranges, and golden yellows can echo the beautiful fall landscape, creating a harmonious and striking picture. These colours can really make your family photos feel cosy and full of autumn charm.

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Spring, on the other hand, is all about rejuvenation and brightness, a time when flowers bloom and everything seems to come alive. Pastels and light shades are a good idea for this season. Your family dressed in soft pinks, light blues, or gentle greens can wonderfully complement the vibrant colours of spring. The result? Photos that feel fresh, joyful, and full of life, just like the season itself!

So when you’re selecting your family photo outfits, considering the time of year and photoshoot location can add an extra touch of magic to your photos. Whether you’re mimicking the autumn hues, echoing the freshness of spring, or reflecting the laid-back vibe of the beach, your outfit choices can enhance the overall look and feel of your family photos, making them truly memorable.

3. Flattering All Body Shapes and Ages

Opting for outfits that suit each family member’s body type and age is a something you have to consider when choosing the right outfits that will result in stunning family portraits. Little girls might look adorable in soft textured dresses, turning them into small, charming fashionistas for the day. On the other hand, solid colour shirts or sweaters can create a smart, timeless look for little boys, making them stand out in the photographs.

For adults, darker shades can be a great choice. They are not only universally flattering and slimming but also bring a sense of classic elegance to the family portraits. However if you are a more vibrant colour sort of person thats perfectly ok too! Creams and beige toned clothing also work wonderfully for a family photo shoot, if you prefer neutral colour palettes then go with that!

Comfort and Confidence

Remember, the most important thing while planning the outfits is to ensure everyone feels comfortable and confident. When every family member’s outfit complements their body type and age, it adds a layer of authenticity to the photos that truly reflects the unique dynamics of your family.

In this way, the photographs don’t just capture faces, but personalities, creating a memorable and endearing portrait that will be cherished for years to come.

4. Mix and Match Textures and Patterns

Playing with different textures and patterns can indeed add a unique flavor to your family photoshoot. It creates visual interest and adds depth to your photos that can truly make them stand out. Imagine little girls in lace dresses, adding a dash of delicacy and elegance to the picture. On the other hand, the little boys could be sporting textured sweaters, providing a pleasing contrast with the girls’ outfits and adding a layer of coziness and warmth. Pinterest is a great place for inspiration and for creating mood boards of all your favourite finds. Here’s some Pinterest mood board inspo to get you started¬†

Go Easy on the Patterns

However, when it comes to patterns, a careful balance is required. While a bold pattern on one family member can be a striking feature, having too many clashing patterns within the whole family’s outfits can result in visual chaos. The goal is to create harmony among all family members while allowing each individual’s style to shine through.¬†

Family Photography Glasgow

For example, if one of the little girls is wearing a dress with a vibrant floral pattern, the rest of the family could opt for solid colours that complement the hues in tones in her dress. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with a variety of styles. Short dresses, flowy dresses, or even a maxi skirt can add different silhouettes and depth to the photograph. The aim is to create the perfect outfit for each family member that not only suits them but also contributes to the overall aesthetic of the picture

Mixing and matching textures and patterns, while considering each family member’s individual style and the overall colour scheme, can result in a family photoshoot that’s not only visually engaging but also truly represents your family’s unique bond and character

5. Reflect Your Personal Style

The outfits that will truly make your family photoshoot shine are those that reflect your family’s personal style above anything else

Think about your family’s usual attire and what you feel most comfortable wearing. Are you more casual, relaxed, and at ease in jeans and simple tops? Or does your family lean towards the formal side, preferring dressy outfits?

The key here is to represent who you are as a family. Your personal style should shine through your family portraits, adding a unique and authentic touch to the photos

Remember, the goal of your family photoshoot is to capture the genuine moments of affection and connection between your family members. The family photo outfits you choose should allow everyone to feel relaxed, confident, and true to themselves.

The setting of the shoot, be it an outdoor shoot amid nature or a studio shoot with a controlled environment, can also influence your clothing choice. Keep in mind the aesthetic you’re going for and ensure your outfits reflect that


The planning and thoughtful selection of your family photo outfits can make a big impact on the outcome of your family portrait session. This process involves lots of considerations that can greatly enhance the aesthetics of your family portraits.

One fundamental element to keep in mind is the colour scheme. Coordinating the colours of your family photo outfits can inject harmony and cohesiveness into your family portraits, transforming them into a visually pleasing composition. Yet, it’s not only about matching colours; it’s also about ensuring the selected tones complement each other¬†

The¬†time of year¬†is another factor that can influence your¬†family photo outfits’ selection. Winter might call for cozy sweaters and warm tones, while summer could inspire light fabrics and vibrant hues. Each season offers a distinctive backdrop and atmosphere, and your outfit choices can help underline these characteristics, making your¬†family portraits¬†more contextual and meaningful.

The individual body types and ages of each family member also play a role. The outfits should not only be comfortable but also flattering, accentuating the best features of each person, regardless of age or size. Clothing items that cater to everyone’s comfort and confidence will ultimately enhance the mood and authenticity of your family portrait session.

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Different textures and patterns can create a visually interesting and dynamic photograph, adding depth and contrast to your family portraits. However, the key is to balance them so as not to create a chaotic or distracting effect.

At the heart of it all, your personal style should be the guiding force. This is not just a family photo session; it’s a representation of your family’s character and relationships. The clothing choices should reflect your family’s collective personality and individuality, whether that’s casual and relaxed, or formal and elegant.

The above are simply helpful tips that can guide you through the process. There are no hard rules, because ultimately, your personal preference is what matters the most. Remember, these portraits are much more than pictures; they are a celebration of your unique family bond, a snapshot of a particular moment in your family’s journey, so take the time to put consideration into your outfit choices and discuss ideas with your photographer beforehand so that you can seek their advice and guidance and choose the perfect outfits for your family photo shoot¬†

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