newborn family photoshoot

Newborn Family Photoshoot With Parents and Siblings

Capturing Beginnings: Newborn Family Photoshoot Glasgow Studio

Hello to all you amazing soon-to-be parents or perhaps those who’ve recently embarked on this wonderful journey!

First off, a huge congratulations to you! The arrival of a¬†new baby¬†is a moment so breathtakingly beautiful, it’s almost hard to put into words. Those initial days? Oh, they’re like straight out of a fairy tale. From each infectious smile to the gentle curl of those tiny fingers, and that mesmerising gaze just before they nod off – every little detail is a memory waiting to be cherished.

As a dedicated¬†family photographer, ¬†I’ve come to understand that newborn photography is far more than just camera settings and angles. It’s about seizing those¬†little details¬†– the whispered lullabies, and those adorable snuggles.Each newborn family photoshoot is a journey unto itself, an experience that‚Äôs truly unforgettable. It goes beyond mere photography; it’s about crafting memories that stand the test of time.¬†

newborn family photoshoot glasgow

Selecting the right person to capture these precious moments is deeply personal. Placing the trust of capturing your¬†new baby’s little yawns and stretches is monumental. But in my Glasgow studio, I understand the gravity of this trust. I approach every¬†studio session¬†with the reverence of capturing the most treasured tales of my own life.

Stepping into parenthood is a journey like no other. While every phase of your little one’s life holds its charm, the beginning has an unparalleled magic. That’s the essence my newborn family photoshoot strives to capture – ensuring those first memories are always within reach, ready to bring a smile or perhaps, even a tear of joy

Why a Newborn Family Photoshoot is Precious

A newborn family photoshoot is not just about showcasing love. It’s about capturing the¬†authentic connections, the delicate curl of your daughter‚Äôs tiny locks, the softness in the¬†nape of her neck, or the feeling of your¬†baby‚Äôs head¬†resting in¬†daddy‚Äôs arms. It’s about ¬†young children¬†cherishing their role as¬†older siblings, who exude the¬†greatest joy¬†at their¬†baby‚Äôs arrival, the¬†whole family¬†coming together, bonding and celebrating this¬†new life.

A newborn family photoshoot is an experience that will etch the precious beginnings into your heart, creating memories that never fade

The Magic Touch of a Professional Newborn Photographer

As a¬†professional photographer, with¬†years of experience¬†specialising in newborn photography sessions, I’ve come to appreciate the intricacies of this art. It’s not just about having the camera or knowing the¬†best light¬†techniques, whether that’s using¬†natural light,¬†window light, or studio light. It’s about understanding the delicate world of a¬†little baby, about navigating the moments with utmost care and precision.

One of the most important aspects for me is ensuring that the session is not only productive but also a relaxed and stress-free experience for both the baby and the parents. Safety is paramount. Every time I position a baby, I’m always mindful of their comfort and safety. Every tiny hand movement, every little yawn, is monitored with keen eyes to ensure they‚Äôre secure and at ease.

newborn family photoshoot glasgow

To me, the true essence of newborn photography lies in creating¬†timeless images. It’s about capturing the innocence, the fragility, and the sheer wonder of life in its earliest stage. And every time I hand over a collection of photographs to proud parents and see their eyes light up, it fills my heart with immense pride, reminding me of why I chose this path. Being able to offer families these irreplaceable memories is a privilege I cherish deeply.

What to Expect During Your Newborn Family Photoshoot

From the moment you step into my studio for your newborn shoot, the entire process is designed to provide an impeccable client experience

1.Setting the Scene: The best time for newborn photos is during the early days when your little one is still in that cuddly, sleepy phase. Using a neutral palette with soft shadows, either through natural light or studio light, will highlight those candid moments and authentic moments, giving a different look to each shot.

2. The Wardrobe: Consider solid colours for the most¬†beautiful portraits of motherhood¬†and¬†family connection. A¬†solid shirt¬†or outfit in neutral colours for¬†older kids¬†can complement the baby’s attire, allowing your baby as the focus. Remember, the bond between newborn and siblings showcased in these photos is an unforgettable memory. Prior to your photo session we will discuss colour schemes and outfit choices. I also have a large and varied client wardrobe at your disposal¬†

3.Props & Poses: With a wide selection of props at hand and expertise in newborn poses, your newborn family sessions will be a luxury fine art experience. From posing baby on my bean bag to being wrapped in delicate little props, these fine art portraits are curated to perfection.

4.Post-Session: After the¬†entire photo shoot experience, you’ll receive a beautiful gallery of professionally retouched images. Each¬†portrait session¬†aims to capture your¬†family’s story, from¬†simple moments of children¬†playing to¬†older siblings¬†looking adoringly at the¬†new baby.

Final Words

Every¬†newborn photo shoot¬†is an ode to¬†true love. I aim to give new mums and dads an unforgettable, calm experience. And the¬†last thing¬†you‚Äôll cherish? A beautiful gallery showcasing¬†family portraits¬†that capture your¬†family’s story, making those early, fleeting days with your¬†newborn babies¬†tangible for years to come.

newborn family photoshoot glasgow

So, when you think of newborn family photos, remember that they are more than just pictures. They are the authentic connections, the baby’s first photos, and the impeccable family portraits that tell your family’s story. And trust me, when done right, they become the unforgettable memories that will forever have a special place in your heart.


The optimal time for capturing those¬†candid moments¬†with your newborn is within the first two weeks of their arrival. This period ensures we capture the¬†early days’ essence when the baby is usually sleepier and can curl into those adorable little poses

Neutral and solid colours often work best as they complement the baby and avoid distracting from the main focus. Older kids and parents might consider solid shirts or dresses in complementary neutral tones to ensure an elegant and timeless look

Yes, my Glasgow studio is equipped with a wide selection of props suitable for newborns. However, if you have personal items or heirlooms you’d like to include, please feel free to bring them along

Newborn safety is my main priority. With years of experience, I am fully trained in safe newborn poses, ensuring that your baby is comfortable and secure throughout the entire session.

Absolutely! Older siblings play a significant part in the newborn family photos. Their bond with the new baby is special, and capturing that connection is a joy

A standard newborn photoshoot can last anywhere between 2-4 hours. This allows ample time for feeding, changing, and comforting the baby to ensure a calm experience

Typically, you’ll receive a beautiful gallery of images within 2-3 weeks of the photoshoot. Each image is meticulously edited to showcase every little detail and moment.

Not to worry. I am skilled in soothing techniques and, with years of experience, have the patience needed to ensure I still capture beautiful and authentic moments, whether your baby is asleep or awake

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