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For the past few years my photography has taken me on the most amazing adventure and i’ll never stop being grateful for the opportunities i have been and still am, lucky enough to experience. My art has taken me around the world, sharing my knowledge with other photographers who want to learn how i create my unique, painterly fine art portraits and i’ve met some incredible people along the way! I have welcomed hundreds of amazing families to my Glasgow photography studio and created breathtaking works of art for each of them

Glasgow Family Photographer

As Glasgow’s most prestigious fine art portrait photographer, i take great pride in providing my clients with a first class service from start to finish. I work closely with each client to understand them better so that i can create a finished gallery of expertly retouched portraits for them that are unlike any other

What is Fine Art Portraiture

Fine Art portraiture is so much more than just a portrait. It is a work of art that involves lots of planning and preparation prior to the shoot. From choosing the perfect outfits and hairstyles, to deciding on what setup to create. Your session is tailored to you, would you prefer something really simple and elegant, with your child or family as the absolute focus or do you wish for me to create a ‘little scene’ with props and expressions to tell a story… all of this will be discussed and planned with you during your telephone or email consultation

My Studio

My Glasgow photography studio is fully equipped with fine art canvas backdrops, vintage clothing and timeless props that i have sourced from vintage shops and markets both in Scotland and around the world, some are heirlooms passed down through generations in my own family. What a blessing it is for me that i get to use them in my own work!

The Old Masters

For as long as i can remember, i have always loved old paintings! I clearly recall being 6 years old and sitting at my Great Grandmother’s kitchen table, trying to recreate a painting of children playing with a pail of water,  that she had hanging on the wall above the fire place. She had paintings hanging all around her home and i often found myself sitting looking at them for the longest time, mesmerised by each one, creating in my own mind the story of the portrait. As i grew older, i would often visit art galleries like Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum

or the wonderful Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh

My love and appreciation of fine art has always been a part of me, so it makes perfect sense that my own photography led me down this path 


My very first trip to the famous Dutch baroque painter, Rembrandt’s home in Amsterdam was something i’d wanted to do for the longest time and it did not disappoint! If you are an art buff like me, seeing things like the chair he sat in whilst painting, or the mixing pots he used to make his paint, or the window he used to light his subjects, will blow your mind and maybe even give you goosebumps! (or maybe thats just me!) I am constantly inspired by Rembrandt and other great masters like Caravaggio, Michelangelo and Van Gogh. Isn’t it amazing, how art that they painted so many years ago, is still enjoyed to this day by millions of people? My art may not be a patch on that scale of appreciation (a girl can dream!) but knowing that my digital paintings will hang pride of place in my clients homes and be passed through their families for generations, means more to me than i can possibly explain 

Studio Lighting

The studio lighting technique that i use is similar to how Rembrandt lit his subjects. Using a single light source to control my lighting and add depth and dimension with light and shadows. It’s not a complicated setup by any means but it does require a sound knowledge of strobe lighting and the ability to control and manipulate the light to give me the desired effect i want, it really is an art form in itself. As the saying goes ‘without light, there is no photograph’  

Editing a Fine Art Portrait

As much as I control the elements of a portrait, from styling, posing and lighting, another fundamental part of the whole process is retouching. I predominantly use Adobe Photoshop and over the past 10 years i have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours learning and understanding how photoshop works so that i could devleop my own editing workflow to enhance my portraits and turn them into a fine art digital painting. Lucky for me i LOVE every part of the process, so to me it never feels like a chore! When you book a fine art photo session with me, you can be guaranteed that i won’t miss a single detail and your finished gallery will have your heart singing!  

Glasgow, North Lanarkshire, Scotland

At CA Neil Photography, client’s from Glasgow, North Lanarkshire, and all over Scotland are welcomed. Some even further afield!  My mission is to always provide every client with a top quality service from start to finish, to capture and create timeless memories that will stay in their families for many generations to come. A fine art portrait session truly is so much more than standard, it’s a luxury that everyone should experience at LEAST once in their lifetime!

If you would like to learn more about my baby, child and family fine art photo sessions have a look here

And I am always happy to have an informal chat and answer any questions you may have! 

Carol Ann x 

One of the most amazing parts of my job, is having the opportunity to meet other photographers! I’d love for you to visit my friend Tianna’s website and view her incredible work! Tianna is a hugely talented maternity, newborn and family photographer based in Birmingham. You can view her work and latest blog posts here

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