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Baby Photography Glasgow

The joy of welcoming a newborn into your family is an unparalleled experience. As proud parents, we often rush to get a newborn photoshoot to capture those tiny fingers and toes! But what happens when the newborn stage is behind you? If your baby is older, is it too late to get those perfect shots? Absolutely not! Welcome to the world of Baby Photography Glasgow, where I understand the essence of capturing every stage of your baby’s growth and where I believe that any time is the best time for professional portraits of your baby!

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Baby Photography Glasgow: Beyond the Newborn Stage

Often, parents are so engrossed in the charm of newborn photography sessions that the idea of photographing older babies slips away. While newborn photographs are so special, there is something magical about capturing the milestones that follow!

As a dedicated baby photographer in Glasgow, I believe that the time when your baby can sit up by themselves is such a great stage to capture in photos. This stage, brimming with curiosity, big smiles and lots of personality, is a wonderful time to experience a professional photoshoot

The Charm of Older Babies in Baby Photography Glasgow

The beauty of older babies lies in their increased interactions and radiant smiles. Their little personalities shine through, and they react inquisitively to their surroundings. There’s no better way to capture the passion of childhood than by focusing on these sweet but fleeting moments.

A professional photoshoot can truly make these moments come alive. If you missed your newborn baby photo shoot, fret not! Opting for a baby photoshoot when your child can sit and engage ensures a stunning gallery of treasured portraits!

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Sitter Sessions: The Perfect Milestone

“Sitter sessions” are baby photography sessions exclusively designed for babies who can sit up without support. This is the ideal time to capture the essence of your baby‚Äôs growth, especially if it’s their first time sitting up on their own. These sessions are just blissful¬†

The giggles, the curious glances, and even the occasional tantrums all make for beautiful portraits!

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Glasgow Family Photography: Including the Whole Clan

There’s no denying that baby photographs are special, but when you include family members, the imagery takes a whole new dimension. Family portraits with your baby allow you to capture the special time you share together

As a family photographer, I take great care to ensure every one is at ease, leading to photographs that echo genuine warmth and love 

Capturing Special Moments with a Professional Touch

Every stage of childhood is fleeting, and each holds its unique charm. From the tender moments of a newborn photography session to the lively antics of older babies, there’s always something new to cherish. The perfect way to do this? Trust in the hands of a professional.

As a seasoned specialist in baby photography, I have been lucky enough to photograph lots of beautiful babies and families over the years,  My commitment to my clients and my work goes beyond the camera. I care about capturing those special moments that you, as parents, hold dear and I make sure to document your families unique story int he most beautiful way 

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Tailor-Made Sessions Just For You

Every baby has a story, and so do you! I believe in customising each photo session to resonate with the baby’s mood and the family’s vision. Maybe you’re looking for a themed baby photoshoot or a session that captures your baby with all family members.

Whatever your heart desires, I are here to make it a reality. From the gentle touch of a newborn photoshoot to the lively antics of older babies, my expertise ensures beautiful portraits in every frame

Embracing Every Baby Milestone

Capturing every stage‚ÄĒfrom the newborn phase to the time when they can sit up, and beyond‚ÄĒenriches the tapestry of memories you create. Any age is a great stage to capture their unique personalities, their interactions, and those special moments that will mean even more to you as the years go by

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Baby Photography glasgow


  • Not at all! Any stage is a great stage to have pictures taken! And¬†older babies¬†make the perfect little models! As they begin to interact more with the world, every click captures a moment of pure, unfiltered joy. This stage is where the magic truly unfolds!
  • First off, congratulations! For new mums who feel the initial weeks passed in the blink of an eye and booking a session was the last thing on their mind, I often recommend scheduling when the baby can sit up independently. ¬†At this stage babies are filled with curiosity and big gummy smiles! These stages capture wonderful milestones of the early stage of your baby’s life¬†
  • My photography studio is based in Gartcosh, North Lanarkshire. With easy links from the M73, M74 and M8 motorways, I am just a short 10-15 minute drive from Glasgow City centre
  • I always ensure there’s plenty of time for each session to accommodate breaks, snacks, or changes. Typically, an older baby session might last around 45 minutes to an hour.¬† Remember, it’s a lifetime experience, and I aim for it to be unhurried and enjoyable
  • Every stage of your baby’s growth has its unique charm. While the newborn stage has its delicate beauty, older babies bring more personality, expressions, and interactions that make for the most adorable pictures!¬† I ensure these memories are frozen into timeless images.
  • Absolutely! Personal touches often make the photos more special and unique. If you have outfits, heirlooms, or toys that you’d like to include, feel free to bring them!
  • I understand the excitement and anticipation. While I take the necessary time to ensure perfection in each image, you can typically expect to come back and view your finished gallery within 2-3 weeks after your session

No, I’ve made things straightforward for you! When you book with me, your deposit is directly deducted from the total of your chosen package. My packages are all-inclusive, ensuring transparency and ease. So, once you’ve selected your preferred package, just subtract the deposit you’ve already paid, and that’s your remaining balance. Simple and hassle-free!