Children & Family Portrait photography in Glasgow


My name is Carol Ann Neil. I am a children & family fine art photographer based in Glasgow, Scotland

My photography journey began when i became a mum, photographing my children really opened up a new pathway for me and i soon discovered a real passion for captuing unique, soulful and timeless portraits for clients. My children are my biggest inspiration and the reason for everything i do

By nature I am a very creative person and having found photography as a way to explore and fulfill this side of me means the world, taking the step into childrens fine art portraiture was a real turning point in my career. Finally i had found my calling!

Im so lucky to welcome lots of wonderful families to my studio as well as travelling the world teaching other photographers how i create my style of portraits , and to think i get to call this my job! Im so grateful and so blessed

If you would like to discuss your child or family portrait session please complete the contact form and let me know what you would like me to create for your family

For photographers interested in my online mentoring sessions, private training sessions at my studio or attending one of my workshops please click here

Carol Ann x

Baby photography Glasgow

It’s not just about the children

When Was the Last Time You Got in the Photo?

If you’re anything like me or most mums, you’re most often the one behind the camera and rarely ever in front of it.

Let’s change that.

Throw all those reasons why you don’t want to be photographed out the window (we all have them), and remember the single most important reason why you should.

Your children.

They deserve to have special images of their mothers to look back on, to treasure as the years cause the mind’s eye to fade. To hold onto. You and your child will treasure these for a lifetime.

Baby photography Glasgow